Thursday, March 6, 2014

My Dear, Abandoned Blog

Murray at the Nancy Gyes/Jim Basic seminar at Happy Dog.  (Photo Credit: Mia Grant)

I have had fiddyleven blog post ideas in my head, yet when I get home from work, or a trial, or a day of doing everything and nothing, I somehow cannot manage to get my computer open and put my words onto digital paper.  So now it has been over four months since my last post.  And my last post was merely my 6th post.  Slacker.

October through February had plenty of exciting things on the agility front.  We started competing in USDAA.  Murray has gotten really good at doing a down on the table... everywhere except at USDAA.  He is getting faster and faster and faster.  We took some excellent seminars with excellent trainers.  So much wonderfulness for the Murr and I.

I also spent over a month, starting in December, battling with Ramsay Hunt syndrome (a form of shingles) which ultimately caused the left side of my face to be paralyzed for several weeks.  It's better now, but if there's one way to stop overusing verbal commands, it's not being able to speak properly!

Through all that, I have one thing and one thing to say:  Agility People Can Be Awesome.  I could make a small book with the emails and messages of random agility people (and other dog people) sending me "how's it going" messages.  Or paining me with their own shingles stories (there is a surprisingly high correlation between agility handlers and shingles victims).  Or cheering on Murr's droopy faced handler at all those trials, because, yes, I was still playing agility with my little buddy during all of that nonsense.  Thank you.

So now that that's all over (and my energy is up and it's far enough away that I haven't been thinking about it), I can actually FORCE myself to write.  If only I could find some creative energy around these parts!

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